REAL T-shirts for professional wrestling fans.

Live Kayfabe is an alternative professional wrestling t-shirt brand with a simple goal: Make the nicest professional wrestling t-shirts in the world.

The Mission.

Provide professional wrestling fans with quality professional wrestling t-shirts that celebrate the culture and art of professional wrestling.

The T-Shirts.

There's more to a t-shirt than what is on the front. We pay close attention to the material, fit and printing of each Live Kayfabe design. Every t-shirt design is specifically matched with a t-shirt style, material and printing process that will create the best shirt for a professional wrestling fan.

The Design.

Our t-shirt design philosophy is simple: Design a professional wrestling t-shirts that anyone would want to wear in public.

Sadly, too many of today's professional wrestling t-shirt designs are stolen ideas and poorly crafted.

Live Kayfabe t-shirts are designed by award-winning graphic designers that adhere to all copyright and trademark rules. Respect is given to professional wrestlers and their trade, Live Kayfabe will never use the likeness of a wrestler for financial gain.

To check out our t-shirt designs, visit the Live Kayfabe Shop or the T-Shirt Designs page.