The Squared Circle Revue


On July 26, Live Kayfabe was in Detroit, MI to attend The Squared Circle Revue: Year of the Snake II. 

The show was amazing! It's not every night you are witness to a tag team match between a team of werewolves against a mime and an invisible professional wrestler named, Invisibill. But the hijinks didn't stop there! Throughout the night, we were treated to brilliant wrestling performances from (among others) a giant man baby, a one-legged high-flyer, a douchebag robot, a powerful clown and a talented faction of Bible-thumpers.

There is no way our li’l blog post can do this spectacle justice. Do yourself a favor, buy a ticket to see the next installment of The Squared Circle Revue. You will not regret it.

Enjoy this small collection of photographs of the evening.