When will I receive my order?

Generally, all orders are shipped in 1-3 business days. So, you can expect to be rockin’ your sweet ass tee in about a week.

What’s your return/exchange policy?

If there has been an error made in your order (wrong size, wrong shirt, defective product, etc.), return it to us unworn and unwashed within 15 days of delivery and we’ll be happy to issue a refund.

Send all returns and replacements to:
Live Kayfabe
3719 Wainwright Avenue
Lansing, MI 48911

If you need any clarification, please send us an e-mail. 

What? No PayPal?!

Live Kayfabe is proud to be reppin' Stripe as our official online merchant platform.

There's nothing more important to us than providing professional wrestling fans with the best quality professional wrestling t-shirts. That commitment to quality extends to our website experience. Stripe offers a more intuitive merchant platform, with lower transaction fees. And not to sound too dorky, but those savings are put in to the quality of our t-shirts.

Though it may be weird to not see a PayPal button on our website, you'll thank us when you receive your t-shirt.

How do I get Live Kayfabe in my retail store?

If you’re interested in stocking Live Kayfabe products in your store (And, why the hell wouldn’t you be?), or would like to place a big ass order, please e-mail us.

Who designs your t-shirts? 

Every Live Kayfabe t-shirt design is 110% original and hand-crafted by REAL American professional wrestling fans, who just happen to be award-winning graphic designers. No clip-art! No stolen gimmicks!

If you have a great idea for a t-shirt design, we’d love to see it! If we use it, we'll even pay you for it. Send your  design ideas here: info@livekayfabe.com.

Do you have a Question?

If you have a question about Live Kayfabe, please send it our way.